At Santa Cruz Bible, we believe that the Church is not a building, a place or even a meeting. The Church is primarily God’s people who are all at different stages in their journey of following Jesus. If this is true, it means that being the Church everyday is just as important as going to Church on a Sunday. Growth Groups are the primary place where we live out our identity as the Church and help each other follow Jesus in everyday life.

What Do Growth Groups Do?

A Growth Group is based around living out the three dimensions of our new life in Jesus:

Learning to Walk in the Ways of Jesus

Everything in the Christian life flows out of our deep connection with Jesus. In Growth Groups, we help encourage each other to know Jesus more deeply and to worship him more fully with our entire lives.

Choosing to Pursue Authentic Community

The journey of following Jesus was never meant to be taken alone. He’s given us a family to journey with us and tangibly demonstrate His love and acceptance. In community we also experience the greatest growth as we know and are known and learn to bear each other’s burdens.

Moving to Join Jesus’ Mission to Rescue and Restore

When we live in community, we get to show and tell the Gospel message through our lives together and our words. Showing and telling this message was never meant to be a burden for us to bear on our own but something that we help each other accomplish in normal, everyday life.

How Do I Get Involved?

Step 1:

Check out our list of current growth groups. Decide on one that fits your location, interests or stage of life.

Step 2:

Contact the Growth Group leader for more information. Our leaders LOVE to hear from people interested in joining their group and are great at helping you feel welcome and prepared.

Step 3:

Check it out! Most of our growth groups meet in homes scattered across Santa Cruz County. On any given night a group will be studying the Bible or a book, hanging out together or doing something active to live out their faith in Jesus. We understand that not every group is the right fit for every person though. If you check out a group and decide you want to keep looking, that is totally alright with us!

Step 4:

Keep coming back. As you continue to come back and get to know people, we trust that you’ll experience growth in your walk with Jesus and have a lot of fun with your new friends!