Life Transformation Classes

We are really captivated by grace at Santa Cruz Bible. God’s grace to us in Jesus reminds us that despite our brokenness, failures and flaws, we are more loved and accepted than we could possibly imagine!

Yet we also know that when we really begin to taste God’s grace, it never leaves us satisfied with where we’re at but makes us long for a fuller and deeper experience of life in Jesus. God’s grace transforms us!

Life Transformation Classes at Santa Cruz Bible Church are specifically designed to help you as you seek to experience true life in Jesus in the midst of your everyday live with all its joys and challenges. We promise not to give you that drinking-from-a-firehose school experience that’s heavy on information. Rather, we want to help you grow up in Jesus with your mind, body and soul and these classes will challenge you in all three areas!

All Life Transformation Classes are completely tuition-free and take place on Sunday mornings during the 10:45 service so you don’t need to come out another night of the week. Also, during this time, your kids can take advantage of the wonderful Sunday School environment we offer!

Take a look at our schedule of classes for the rest of 2017:

Shaped by the Story: Studying Your Bible
  • Dates: July 9 – August 6
  • Room: WC-10
  • Maybe you’ve wondered how you can possibly be expected to understand a book that is between 2000-6000 years old, let alone see it have any relevance for your life today. In this class, we’ll seek to reframe how we see the Bible so that we understand it as one big story of God, a story that gives shape and meaning to our lives today. Along the way, you’ll pick up some helpful tools for understanding what the Bible meant then and how it shapes our lives today!
Thriving in Marriage
  • Dates: October 8 – November 5
  • Room: WC-10
  • Every single one of us shows up for our wedding day excited for a life of thriving in marriage. However, as time goes on, many of us settle for merely surviving with our spouse. We believe the Bible has good news for us whether your marriage is going great or whether it has become a challenge! This class will introduce us to God’s vision for our married life and equip us with easy to use and implement tools to experience the kind of union and intimacy with our spouses for which we were created.