First Time Here?

When you come to one of our High School gatherings or events, you can expect a high-energy, fun-loving, authentic community that cares deeply about pointing to Jesus. Everyone is welcome whether you grew up in the church or it’s your first experience with us!


Who We Are:

We always try to ensure that what we do allows our students to follow God. Our core values consist of teaching the truth of the gospel message to our students, which empowers them to change. However,  no one can grow alone and so we believe that Christian community is central. That community is one that is outward-focused, striving to serve the world and to bring others into the family of God, something that we call mission. We focus on all three of those aspects by having Sunday services, small groups, and having one monthly fun event as well as one monthly service project.

Here’s What We Do:

Sunday Mornings

We meet in the Student Center on Sundays at 10:45 for fun, games, authentic worship and challenging teaching from the Bible. Join us after service for lunch at some of our favorite affordable spots in Santa Cruz!

Small Groups

Do you want to explore what the Christian faith is really about and learn how to follow Jesus in everyday life? Small Groups are gender-specific, grade-specific groups of students who meet together to dig deeper into the Bible and support each other in living out our faith in Jesus in everyday life. Small groups meet every week and also act to serve our community periodically. If you want to be in a small group or have questions about being discipled please email Brandon O’Sullivan!


From time to time we have fun events that are put on with fun in mind! So whether it’s our summer Wakefest trip or our winter Snow Rush or any event in between, we love to introduce High School students to Jesus through experiencing His love in community. See upcoming High School events.

This semester we will be doing one monthly fun event as well as one monthly service project. The fun event will be a chance for us to grow as a community together, as well as give students an opportunity to practice God’s mission by inviting their friends. The service projects will give students a chance to grow in their faith by serving others. In addition to these monthly events we will be continuing to hold weekly small groups and Sunday services.