One beautiful thing about Jesus’ church in the world is that there are so many beautiful and diverse expression of what it means to follow Jesus. Here at Santa Cruz Bible Church, we believe Jesus has called us to follow him in some very specific ways in our unique place in Santa Cruz county. We invite you to journey with us over four weeks as we explore the unique way that we follow Jesus.

The Belong Experience at Santa Cruz Bible Church is an invitation for you to simply “Be.” In a world that’s filled with messages that tell us to “hurry up and do,” we believe that the space and invitation to simply “Be” who you are in Jesus is good news. This Belong Experience will walk you through four transformative experiences of being and belonging: 1) Belong with Jesus 2) Belong with each other 3) Becoming Like Jesus, and 4) Be Given for the sake of Jesus’ world.

other 3) Becoming Like Jesus, and 4) Be Given for the sake of Jesus’ world.

Week One – Belong with Jesus

Explore the story of Santa Cruz Bible Church (SCBC), the story of Jesus, and your own story to see how they are inextricably linked together for your joy!

Week Two – Belong with Each Other

Discover why we place such a big emphasis on community and why we believe it is possibly the most powerful resource you’ll find to grow in your relationship with Jesus. You’ll have an opportunity to take your first step toward belonging in community here at SCBC.

Week Three – Becoming Like Jesus

Unlock the power of practices that are proven to help you experience the relationship and transformation that God longs to bring you. Connect to your unique giftedness to serve the Santa Cruz Bible Family and the Santa Cruz community!

Week Four – Be Given

Join Jesus in His mission to make all things new, beginning with the circle of influence that you have right now!

Belong takes places in small groups of 12-15 and begins on the first Sunday of every month. Sessions are offered at either the 9am or the 10:45am service.

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