Prayer transforms our hearts and the world around us. It is how we speak to God and how he speaks to us. It is how we bring the needs of this broken world to our creator. It is mysterious, transformative, and vital to the health of the Church. If you would like to receive our weekly prayer letter, please call Paul Sampson at 831-429-1162.

Prayer for each other

If you or someone you know is in need of prayer, please check out the various avenues at SCBC to receive prayer from the church community. 

How to meet with someone for prayer

On Sunday mornings, come forward after a worship service – an elder or pastor would love to pray with you for whatever is on your heart.

You can also stop by the church office during business hours and pray with someone on staff. Or call the church office and speak with the Pastor on Call.

How to submit a prayer request

There are several ways you can ask us to be praying for you:

  • On Sunday mornings, you can write your prayer request on a Communication Card and drop it in the offering bag or in the wood boxes near the main exits. If you’d like your request to be shared in prayer inserts and prayer letters, check “OK to share with church.” Otherwise, only staff will see it.
  • During the week, please feel free to email or leave a voicemail for our prayer team at 831-429-1162 ext. 255.
  • You can also submit a prayer request here: