Message Resources

Does this sound familiar? You’re in the church gathering on Sunday morning, the lights are dim, Richard’s preaching and you feel close to God and moved to follow him. Then as you go on with your day and your week, whatever happened in that space feels distant and hard to connect with again. We get it; we’ve been there too!

That’s why we’ve created this new resource that we’re calling Going Further: Learning to Walk in the Way of Jesus. It’s written for people just like us who struggle to live out our best intentions from Sunday morning in the everyday stuff of life. How do you use it? Well, we’re glad you asked!

Every Sunday, a new Going Further will be available that’s tied to that day’s message that’s preached at our physical gathering. There’s two main ways you can use this guide:

1) Many of you are already in Community Groups which use this guide for your weekly group discussions. We’re super stoked about that! For you, the suggestion is to use this guide to prep for your group time. Read through the passages of Scripture and the questions and think about how you’d answer them. If any of the creative activities stand out to you, offer to help your CG Leader do them in your group time. We believe this guide will be most effective for you as you use it in community.

2) If you’re not in a Community Group that’s using the Going Further on a weekly basis, you can still benefit from it! Spend your quiet time with Jesus reflecting on one or more of the suggested scripture passages. Journal your answers to questions that stand out to you. Most importantly, commit to trying one of the practices this week and begin to notice how the Spirit’s power meets you in the practice to bring lasting life change!

You can access Going Further Guides from previous weeks below