About the Yosts

The Yost family has been ministering to the people of Indonesia since 1977. Their four children Amy, Jennifer, Megan and Maxi have been raised on the mission field. Jim, along with his wife Joan, left for Irian Jaya, Indonesia in February of 1977. After a short period of Indonesian language study and culture adjustment, they pioneered a church planting work among the northern Sawi and Asmat tribes located in the southern lowlands of Irian Jaya, the eastern-most province of Indonesia (now known as Papua).

They established a center of operations in the village of Comoro and through God’s grace were able to quickly learn the Sawi tribal language and closely identify with the culture of those people. After three years of investing their lives, Jim and Joan saw God’s Spirit come and visit their village in a spiritual awakening that ushered hundreds of people into God’s Kingdom. A church was born and continues to grow to this day. Having completed their church planting efforts in the Sawi region, in 1996 Jim and Joan moved to the coastal city of Sentani where they are now focusing on urban ministry, particularly with youth.

Taking the concept “church without walls” they are planting cell groups on school campuses, in open-air markets, on basketball courts, in prisons, in prostitution centers, and on street corners. What was started in their one city now has spread to several cities in Papua, as well as into other regions of Indonesia.

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