About the Kulpahar Kid’s Home and School

Kulpahar Kid’s Home was established in 1947 by Dolly Chitwood and Leah Moshier as a home for boys and girls who were without one or both parents, or the parents were unable to care for the child. Today, the hostels also serve children of poor Christian families, enabling children of those families to receive a quality Christian education. Over 800 kids have been raised by Kulpahar Kid’s Home. Many have graduated from the school and gone on to college. There are also children with physical or mental challenges that continue to live in the hostel. Currently, a mix of day students and hostel children brings the school student body number to 427 children!

The purpose of the Kid’s Home has always been to save a child physically; give them a safe and loving environment in which to live, and give them a quality Christian education they would otherwise not get. All for the ultimate goal of helping them be better Indian citizens and plant the seed for leading them to Christ. The home and school are now run by Leah Moshier, Linda Stanton and Sharon Cunningham.