About the Abrahamsons

Stan and Rebecca Abrahamson have worked with the Ribeirinhos (pronounced “he-bay-REEN-youse”)¬†or “river people” of the Amazon River tributaries in northwest Brazil since 1994. Presently the Abrahamsons, as part of Brazil Outreach Ministries Unlimited, work with two other missionaries to evangelize and make disciples, with the goal of planting independent churches among the numerous isolated communities lining the rivers and lakes of this region. Their activities include training future church leaders in skills ranging from how to personally study and apply the Bible to how to maintain church grounds and property. They also work with national and international short-term missions teams wishing to participate in this exciting ministry.

One of the many challenges of ministry in this region is that most of the communities are only accessible by boat, and it may take several days of river travel before arriving at a ministry location. Difficult physical conditions and cultural/religious opposition also present challenges to ministry in this region. And finally, the challenge of syncretism (combining of different beliefs) is ever present where truth becomes mixed with spiritism, animism, materialism, and false doctrine.