Al Linder


I began attending Santa Cruz Bible Church, then called First Christian Church, in 1941 when my family moved to the Soquel area from Gilroy.  I was in the fifth grade at that time.  Upon graduating from high school I attended San Jose Bible College (now Jessup University) where I met Helen.  Other than accepting Jesus as my savior, asking her to be my wife was the best decision of my life.  We were a team for 64 years until her promotion in April of 2014.  We had four sons and one daughter.  One of my greatest sources of comfort is to know that all of them and their spouses love the Lord.

Upon determining that being a pastor was not my calling, I believed that I could find effective ways to serve the Lord outside of the ministry.  In 1953 I began working in the propane industry for a relatively small but growing company.  As I climbed the ladder in the company we were transferred several times.  These moves and career growth provided opportunity for Christian service.  In one location we could not find a congregation to worship with and with another couple stated a church.  In two occasions, upon transfer, we joined small struggling churches and were able to help turn them into dynamic growing congregations.  In 1980 I changed employers to move back to Santa Cruz County and to rejoin our old home church.

To go back on the elder board of SCBC is a responsibility and a challenge that I could not refuse though one that I accept very prayerfully.  I believe SCBC has significant potential beyond what it now is and I am honored to work beside our senior pastor, staff and other elders.  My concern, right now, is if the Lord were to write to us as He did to the seven churches in Asia; What might He say?  And how might that compare with what He would write five years from now?  I believe we are located in an area of significant spiritual potential and that the foundation now is being laid to build on that potential.