Ted Brondos


I had attended church all my life in a large Christian denomination, but I didn’t surrender my life to Jesus fully until shortly before I met Joyce. At that time I began attending Santa Cruz Bible when Joyce and I started dating in 1985. At that time, SCBC had only one building, which is currently the Student Center. As we began our journey here at SCBC, we watched the church attendance skyrocket as people began hearing about Jesus in a new and challenging way. It was a very exciting time, people were engaged and sharing Jesus with their friends. We were married here at SCBC in 1989. And ever since then, we’ve attended faithfully along with one of our daughters, Vanda Cash, and her family. We also have two other daughters who are living out of the area.

For me, life is no longer about possessions and accomplishments, but seeing God use me in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

One of those ways was when I was asked by Hank Holley, who married us, if I would serve as an usher barely before the ink was dry on our marriage certificate. I agreed and have been doing that almost every Sunday since. I joined the Wednesday fix-it group after I retired as an engineer in 2002 and enjoy working with other like-minded people who want to put their skills to work maintaining the church property and keeping their God given talents current as well as encouraging others who are between paying jobs. I also serve as a teacher/facilitator in our growth group and have also taught Bible classes at SCBC and enjoy seeing people gain a fresh and deeper understanding of God’s word