Tim Anderson

Facilities Pastor

Brief description of what you do at SCBC:
My job description is to take care of any thing on top of, inside, or underneath our buildings and to make sure our campus grounds are maintained. That description is HUGE! There are new situations and new challenges all the time. I have a few people who work in my department to help in this task as well as a few volunteers who save SCBC thousands of dollars every month. I started this job in August of 2009, the same year that my beautiful wife, Lynne, our youngest son Luke, and I started attending. I am excited for the potential we all have here in Santa Cruz, as we step out into our community in faith and trust and follow in the footsteps of Christ!

What was your first car?
1973 Green Datsun pickup, wide tires, lowered in the front, 3/4 race cam, 8-track player…

Where’s your favorite spot in Santa Cruz county?
Along the beach, the cliffs and trails.

Favorite place to eat in Santa Cruz?
Crow’s Nest, Johnny’s, Cruz Cafe, Tacos Morenos and Taqueria Agave

What’s your hidden talent or a fun fact about you?
I used to build missile launchers and did projects for Margaret Thatcher. I drove a bus for a couple summers for groups of pastors here from Korea.

What was your first paying job?
Other than mowing lawns and delivering hokey little newspapers, the local putt putt golf course and batting cages.

Favorite food?
Chile Verde, Chicken Mole (both have to be good) and BBQ’d Tri Tip

Favorite quote?
“Follow Me.”

Modesto, CA

Favorite book?
The Good Book

What would your ideal day off look like?
Outdoors with my honey, my family, and good friends.