CruzMVMT is back and better than ever! We have missed our students and we are excited to have our Sundays back on campus.

  • WHO: Both middle school and high school
  • WHERE: The Student Center
  • WHEN: Sundays, 5-7 PM

COVID-19 protocol will be enforced duing these gatherings. Masks must be worn at all times, students will socially distance and hand sanitizer will be provided.


If you aren’t receiving them already, join the text list, which will send you reminders about ministry activities as they happen.

  • Parents: text parents+grade of your child (ex: “Parents9th” or “Parents6th”) to 831-777-2744
  • Students: text “___grade” based one your year in school (ex: “6thgrade” or “10thgrade”) to 831-777-2744

What is CruzMVMT?

Did you know that most of the Twelve disciples were under the age of twenty? What does this mean for us today? What if today’s students were more than mere adolescents? What if, by God’s grand design, teenagers were meant to change the world? If it worked for Jesus, why not today?

MVMT [the 6th-12th grade ministry of SCBC] is convinced of this idea and wants to cultivate teenage missionaries to spark a movement in the Santa Cruz area and beyond. In fact, we believe the movement has already begun!

Who is CruzMVMT for?

MVMT is for 6th-12th grade students from any background. No matter who you are, what you’ve done, or what you believe, you belong here.

Where can I find release forms?

If your child attends an event with our ministry, you will need to complete a registration form and possibly other release forms for liability, medical release, marketing, etc. However, most of our events and activities throughout the year can be covered by completing the year-round form. If your child is a minor, fill out this form. If you are 18+, you can find your form here.

Where are the social media feeds?

For more information about how to stay informed, email